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Hey everyone!

Hey all! I thought it was about time I got onto this place and actually did something with it after creating it however many years ago. We've had a few new membership requests, which is great.

So, what's your history with Friesians? Just love the photos? Met one on a street pulling a carriage? Lucky enough to own one? Just sigh and stare dreamily into the distance?

Myself, I've loved Friesians and most baroque breeds for a long time. I'm fortunate enough to ride a Friesian stallion at my workplace - utterly gorgeous and amazing horse. While in the UK recently I had the good fortune to meet Wessel, an incredible Friesian stallion standing at stud; really baroque style, heavy solid bone, stunning movement and my goodness, he throws nice foals.

One day I will import a Friesian stallion of my own - I'm afraid I don't like mares that much and stallions are far more interesting for me to handle. Until then, I'll just stare at horses at blacksterlingfriesians.com and go riding once or twice a week. XD

What about everyone here?


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Sep. 15th, 2008 01:48 pm (UTC)
I fell in love with them a few years back, a combination of my love for things equine and things medieval. I started reading about Friesians and just fell in love with their beauty, inner and outer. (Went to a keuring a couple years ago, one gelding was offended by the young man who had followed him with the whip and the rattly can, so he wanted to have words with him. The gelding was easily deflected and not really that irate to begin with. Just a little testy. And that was the only bit of temper I saw all morning.) The keuring is coming up again a week from Friday down in Weirsdale. I plan to take my digital camera and shoot to my heart's content. Maybe I'll take the sketchbook too. Then I can add a Friesian userpic to my collection.

And someday, I'll have a Friesian or two or ten of my very own.

A girl can dream, right. (Who knew I'd be able to log on while waiting for jury duty. It makes the morning less annoying.)
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